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Sketching I: "Foundational Tools" February Livestream Course for Kids


Learn simple tools to help you draw the objects in front of you. We'll discuss using the right side of your brain for observation and how to use alignments, angles and negative space to more accurately sketch still life objects. Young children will learn skills at their level and older children and adults can challenge themselves by setting up more complex setups to draw.  

During each live-streamed class, I will teach the lesson's concepts and demonstrate the new tools for the day in our private Facebook group. Then we will draw together! Students are encouraged to continue sketching throughout the week to practice their new skills. Students can post their progress on the Facebook page and encourage each other when they post their work. I am available for any questions or support during the month. 

Cost: $40 per household. Everyone in the family can enjoy this four-week live-streamed Sketching I Course for Kids and beginners.

With the purchase of this four-week class, you will receive:
- Access to a private Facebook page one week before class
- Weekly Facebook livestream lessons. You can join live or watch the recordings in our private group.
- Printable PDF handouts with the day's lesson and drawing terms that will be taught

45 Minute Livestream Classes will be held Fridays at 9am ET on the following dates:

February 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th. 

Supplies needed:
- Paper or a sketchbook
- Pencil and eraser
- Objects from around the home to draw from